About me

María Fernández Sabau specialises in strategic planning, policy making, concept and development for cultural institutions, foundations, third sector, cities and governments worldwide.

Maria’s international personal and professional experience have helped her develop an ability to understand culturally diverse group’s needs and agendas, making her a trusted advisor in the identification of priorities and recommendation of strategies.

For more than 15 years she has created visions, missions and impact strategies.

She has lead more than 40 projects worldwide for institutions such as UNESCO, UCLG, Guggenheim Bilbao Museum, Ministry of Culture of Spain, PLANTA – Fundación Sorigué and World Culture Forum, among others.

As an independent consultant her two main areas of interest are:

– the role of arts and culture in the transformation and development of     communities, including post conflict societies and conflict contexts.

– the promotion of creativity and cultural diversity and how social innovation can help improve the life conditions of forced migrants.

She is advisor to Cmax Foundation, whose mission is to promote and support innovative ideas that will help improve the quality of life of displaced people by natural disasters and complex emergencies by delivering humanitarian shelter and aid solutions.

Maria is also a contributor to Fundación Compromiso Empresarial, committing to the values of transparency and good corporate governance. She participates as guest speaker in a number of specialized conferences and University courses and contributes on a regular basis to specialized publications.