About me

I specialize in advocacy, strategic planning and policy making.

I work with leading institutions in the third sector to help them achieve positive change and develop their impact strategies.

As independent advisor my contribution is to develop innovative concepts, anticipate trends and test new initiatives before they are implemented. My role is to create the vision and support needed to facilitate decision making by Director’s offices and Board members. My international personal and professional experience have helped me develop an ability to understand culturally diverse group’s needs and agendas, making me a trusted advisor in the identification of priorities and recommendation of strategies.

My background is in Political Science and Business Administration, with a masters in Contemporary Migration and a specialization in Social Innovation. I started my professional career at two leading investment banks (BNP Paribas & UBS) that provided me with sound analytical skills.

I have lived in several countries including Spain, the UK and Cambodia, and my missions with UNESCO brought me to other post-conflict countries. I am a Salzburg Global Seminar Fellow, where I facilitated and participated in several Sessions; and Impact Research Fellow of the University of Westminster.

Civil society development is at the core of my work. I am currently writing my dissertation about the private sponsorship of refugees with the goal to identify new alternative models of integration.

During the last 15 years is have lead more than 40 project in the private and public sectors. Among others, some of the institutions I worked with are: Reset Communities and Refugees; UNESCO; Guggenheim Bilbao Museum Foundation; United Cities and Local Governments network – UCLG; Bizkaia Regional Government; Bilbao 700 Foundation; Sorigue Foundation and Ministry of Culture, Education and Sports of Spain.

I am a member of the Compromiso y Transparencia Foundation Advisory Board, committed to promote transparency, corporate governance and social innovation. I am also advisor to Cmax Foundation, whose mission is to promote and support innovative ideas that will help improve the quality of life of displaced people by natural disasters and complex emergencies by delivering humanitarian shelter and aid solutions. And, I participate as guest speaker in a number of specialized conferences and University courses and contribute on a regular basis to specialized publications.